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Clan EPIC Inaugural PvP Tourney Feb 25th and 26th

KrnuL Panik / Jan 31, 2017
The PvP Tourney is back!

To better accommodate scheduling of the games, we have decided to the hold the entire tournament over the final weekend in February. The tourney will start at 7pm PST on Saturday the 25th. The intention is for all games up to and including the championship game to be played on Saturday night. Should the games run long, the final two teams have the option to play the championship game on Sunday at a mutually agreed upon time.

If you are interested in playing in the tournament, please signup on the events calendar by Feb 19th. There will be a total of 8 teams for the tournament with each team hopefully having several reserves. Teams will be determined in advance and balanced to make the tournament more competitive. The game mode will be elimination and the previously determined tournament rules will be in place.

Thanks again for you patience and good luck to everyone!


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