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KrnuL Panik / Jan 12, 2017
UPDATE: We have heard from everyone regarding their frustrations with scheduling and getting everyone dialed in together. We are going to delay/suspend the tournament until after Iron Banner at some point. We will more than likely implement a new scheduling option which will hopefully deal with the logistics of such an event. Understandably the realization is that we may not be able to accommodate everyone's wishes and desired play times, but none the less we are hoping it at least gets people meeting up and playing some pvp together, as that was the idea from the beginning. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Wookieapproved & Krnul Panik

First of all, thanks to everyone for coming out and participating in the tourney. We are very excited about the first games which will kick off Friday Night. Also, if you haven't already please join the EPIC slack channel for the most the most up to date information on events in Clan EPIC.

If anyone has been on the PvP Tourney slack channel, there has been a lot of discussion about contacting teammates and scheduling games. If you’ve signed up for the tourney, please make sure to check in to see which team you have been placed if you haven’t already done so. You can follow the link here to view team rosters. If you’ve already reached out to your teammates and have a game scheduled, thanks for being awesome.

For those of you who have reached out to teammates and have not received any reply, please continue to do so. If you haven’t heard anything from your teammates by reset on Monday please let me know via the comment section below. I will remove those players from teams and list them as potential reserves. Teams will then be consolidated to accommodate the existing player pool, if needed.

Finally, if there is anyone who missed the original deadline and is interested in playing in the tourney, please feel free to join as spots may be opening up.


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