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Welcome To Shivtr Clan EPIC

WookieApproved / Jan 07, 2017
Welcome EPIC Guardians!

For those who may not be familiar with Shivtr is a place for hosting guilds/clans/groups in the gaming world. There are features built in that gamers look for and use on a daily basis. From polls, surveys and forums, to places to post all your favorite game clips, tips/tricks and much much more. Our first ever PvP tournament is starting in the coming days, and it was very much the impetus in creating this mutual space so that upcoming events in EPIC may have a home of their own for all to participate in.

Over the coming weeks the Mods will be growing the content here in the hopes of creating a true home for Clan EPIC Guardians. We realize the100 is what brought us all together, however with the limitations on sizes of groups, people who use/dont use SLACK, size of groups on both Bungie and the100, we are hoping Shivtr can help us create a true "Tower" of EPIC proportion for all members to use and be an active part of.

Please remember that when you APPLY you will be asked for your "character", and that what we refer to as our GAMERTAG on Xbox Live. So use that. After you have applied you can then set up your personal guardians to add to games if you so choose.

Feel free to start forum posts and threads, as well as post your personal pics, videos in the Media section. We realize this wont be perfect from the start, however with help from you amazing Guardians we are sure to make it truly EPIC!

Thank you for coming by and I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Your Friendly Galactic Wookie


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