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Clan EPIC PvP Tournament

WookieApproved / Jan 03, 2017
Hello Everyone. We will be holding our first ever clan based PvP tournament in the coming weeks. Krnul Panik has been working hard on getting rules, regs, and sign-ups ready for everyone. If you havent signed up please do so via THIS LINK and get in on the action. This will be a great way to meet many of the EPIC Clanmates you may not know.

Teams can be found here
Brackets can be found here

Update 2: Scheduling Games
Each team should designate a captain. Use the comments section below to indicate the team and captain. Captains will coordinate team members and schedule the games. As this is our first go around please be patient. If there is interest we can sit aside several hours on the weekend to host and run games. Feel free to leave comments/ideas below.

Here's the Rules and Regulations.

Thanks again and stay frosty out there Guardians!


I am looking forward to this. Should be a lot of fun.
I am in team 4, I am voting to not be a captain lol
snake eyes (team 11)'s captain is iiicool johniii
Bloody Str1ker is captain of Team T-Rex (team 8)
AE Asphyxia is Captain of team "Surely not everyone was kung fu fighting" (team 4)
acbtheman is Thunderstruck's captain.
I guess I am self appointed captain of team 9 "Thank you sir may I have another", but have no issues bowing out if somebody wants it.
I am captain of my team but all that means is that I am the point man dealing with other teams and scheduling.
Panik is captaining Team 10. We are still waiting for our new fancy name.
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